Centralised Attendance Management for Multiple Locations

Cloud Time Biometric Software provides an efficient and automated solution to time management across multiple platforms. Cloud Time software works with Zkteco, Biomax, and Essl biometric system to meet the attendance management needs of multi-location organisations.
Add, remove or transfer users from the biometric system, manage the history of previously worked branches, and track employees directly from the admin screen.

Real-Time Monitoring

Get continuously updated information about your employees from multiple locations streamed to you in real-time. Cloud TimeAttendance Management software’s timely monitoring allows you to evaluate and interact with current events on the go.
Ensure employees and staff are at their designated locations during their work hours with automated supervision and real-time monitoring.

Multiple Shift Management

Cloud Time with ESSL, Biomax, and Zkteco Biometric Attendance System support can schedule shift for employees for a period of time as well as modify a scheduled shift for another shift for a single day.
Create and manage shift rosters for your entire staff across multiple locations. Manage shifts for individual employees for a single date.

Customised Reports for Quick Actions

Stay updated with up to the minute data with our customised report and data filter option. Filter reports by users, projects, time, or user group and make the next move accordingly. Cloud TimeBiometric Software provides you with daily, weekly, and monthly reports on a single click. Cloud Time supports ESSL, Biomax, and Zkteco Biometric Machine and is built to offer precise custom reports exactly as you want.
Touchless Experience
Do away with biometrics that requires touch with our modern touchless attendance tracking system. Ensure the safety of your employees and office premises with Cloud Time Biometric Software’s AI-enabled face recognition system. Cloud Time Biometric Software is equipped with features that make it COVID-19 compliance. Avoid disruption of workflow with our advanced features such as touchless temperature scans and facial recognition.
Fingerprint Attendance system
Quick check-ins and check-outs with accurate and easy to manage fingerprint scanners software. Automated cloud-syncing for all logs across multiple branches provides a quick log report for the day right on your screen. Ensure business network security with the most reliable security measure.
Facial Recognition
Reduce discrepancies regarding your employees’ attendance with our facial recognition system. Keep track of the exact amount of hours an employee works with no false overtime to worry about. Cloud Time software accurately depicts attendance, absence, and overtime with the help of spot-on face detection technology.
Works with Mask Face Detection Enabled Software
Cloud Time Attendance Management software is designed to work seamlessly with face mask detection enabled software. It detects and recognises people coming in and out of the premises with its modern technology and files the data instantly to the log report.

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